Note from Joe Smalley:

Growing up on a working farm in Nebraska, the most important traits instilled in me by my parents were a strong work ethic, a high level of integrity, and an eagerness to help others.  I have built my business upon these principles and strive each day to live up to them.  I enjoy creating things, and I view every project I take on as a representation of my art.  I now have 15 years of experience in design and construction in the tri-state area alone. I have also worked in the film industry on major motion pictures as well as independent works - from set design and construction to acting, writing, and directing. 

My unique personal perspective and experience provides me with an opportunity to offer a distinctive set of services that will add value to your home without the unnecessary stress of hidden costs and delays that so often come with a home renovation or custom order.  I answer calls (and usually make them first), respond quickly to emails, offer suggestions and options, and am fully transparent at all stages of any project.  Whether it be building a custom breakfast table or a complete basement remodel, you will have my full focus and I will help you through this process to ensure you are satisfied with my work for years to come.

Thank you for visiting my page and reading a little about me and the ethos behind Custom Built Carpentry.  Please call me anytime and let’s discuss your ideas, even in the preliminary stages - you will be glad that you did.